Customer expectations regarding purchase and identification with the product were focused on a multi-channel model and meeting customer needs through the company's product. This approach involves the integration of sales channels so that the interaction between the seller and the buyer covers different levels including needs assessment and concerns both stationary and online purchases. This means that traders are obliged to transform the sales model and adapt it to the expectations of customers. provides solutions to transform the customer service model into a coherent, multi-channel system of complementary actions that address customer needs.

Editing and revision

As part of our projects, we offer editing and proofreading services. Our specialists have many years of experience in drafting and proofreading texts. We specialize in medical texts, but we are familiar with other fields too. We improve scientific books and magazines, popular science, English and German language textbooks, cookbooks, advertising materials, calendars, advertising materials and many others. We offer both electronic editing and proofreading, as well as paper proofreading with the use of proofreading marks.
We also deal with copywriting. We write unique texts that correspond to the subject matter of the website. We use the rules of content optimization so that the text is clearly visible in search engines.


We provide technological and executive support in the implementation of projects.

Analysis/evaluation free of charge

As part of our work, you will always receive a free analysis and valuation of the project.


W ramach wykonywania zleceń zapewniamy naszym Klientom obsługę prawną, co pozwala na stworzenie w pełni gotowego produktu zgodnego z obowiązującym prawem.

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Our services

In our portfolio we offer many services related to modern technology and digital marketing, which will enable you and your company to gain more customers.


We create mobile applications on request based on the latest technologies
(including Augmented Reality) for Android and iOS.

WEB / Support

We create professional websites and systems, tailored to your needs and business profile. We providefull support for IT solutions.


We create projects of Mobile/WEB interfaces, corporate and product identification. We record, edit and create.


HTML, PHP, .NET, JAVA, Unity, Objective-C, Node.js, ReactJs, AngularJs, Oracle 11i, 12, Oracle cloud (Fusion), SAP BO, SAP Ariba, MSSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, Azure, Kinect.

Pharma & Business Consulting

We support you in creating marketing plans, P&L, portfolio management, negotiations, restructuring and optimization of your business.

Digital marketing

We prepare effective and impressive campaigns supported by individual shape and tools.

European Union subsidies

We support companies in obtaining EU subsidies. We prepare business and marketing analyses, create and submit applications. We take care of compliance with formal requirements, we help in the proper settlement of grants.